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skype: wendy-0727
E-mail: info@avidcircuits.com
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E-mail: info@avidcircuits.com
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Skype: wendy-0727
Skype: wendy-0727 info@avidcircuits.com

Engineering Support

AVID Engineering Support Team is available to assist customers with any question during the
production process of a product. And when products are revised, the team incorporates appropriate
performance improvements. Upon request, the Engineering Support Team provides customers with 
NPI(New Product Introduction) feedback related to manufacture ability issues, cost reductions and 
the transfer from the prototype stage to regular production.

Acceptable File: Gerber file(RS-274-X or RS-274-D with aperture list and drill files)、Protel、
                              PADS、POWERPCB、Auto CAD、ORCAD

Software CAM: Genesis、CAM350

Online service

Skype: wendy-0727 info@avidcircuits.com